Alex wasn’t the politician in the Salmond family

A letter from the daughter of one of Alex Salmond’s teachers must make for embarrasing reading in the Mel Gibson camp.

“My late father was rector of Linlith­gow Academy.

“He also taught Alex Salmond and other members of the Salmond family. I have heard on occasion that Mr Salmond still refers to my father’s teaching and beliefs regarding education, suggesting he still holds my father in high regard.

“Dad was an honest and fair man who hated bullying and wanted the best for his pupils and his community. He hated any form of segregation or sectarianism.

“Mr Salmond has succeeded in creating divisions across Scotland that were not there before and that will still exist after the referendum, no matter which way the vote goes.

“Stories of intimidation, violence and vandalism are rife. Freedom of speech is under threat. Relationships between neighbours are now threatened if you indicate which way you are voting.

“For these reasons and many others, on behalf of my family I respectfully request that Mr Salmond never mentions my father in public again as, were he alive, he would be appalled at what is happening across our country.

“For the record, Dad always said Alex wasn’t the politician in the Salmond family.

Fiona Scott.”