Independent State of Nairn

free nairn


According to the Mel Gibson cognoscenti , there is much to be gained from severance.

Affording yourself that independence may be a little like cutting both feet and your right arm off, to allow your head  to scream ‘freedom’……… but that’s a minor technicality; nit picking.

If it is such a grand scheme though, why  just have one independent Scotland?

Surely, if its good enough for the whole, it’s good enough for the parts.

You don’t have to be a genius to see the folks in Shetland, Orkney and the Western Isles watching this current pantomime and stroking their chins thinking … ‘ Well we’ve got oil,gas, renewables (delete as applicable)…so why don’t we seek  independence? ‘  After all they would still effectively be governed by another nation until they achived that aim

Why not the Highlands, Nairn, or even Cawdor?  You know this could really take off .

So , should the Yes campaign get their dearest wish, I do hope they enjoy  their governance of the whole of Scotland in the short term as I suspect there won’t be a long term or, more specifically, the long term scenario for the Braveheart massif may consist of  them being left to manage the issues and needs of  large swathes of Glasgow, Linlithgow, isolated enclaves elsewhere  and probably Macduff, thought they may not want Macduff.

Is is too late to suggest you should be very careful what you wish for ?