What does it mean?

Why are they leaders?

Do we find ourselves hypnotised by their enigma or good looks? Hardly
Do their real world experiences equip them better than us ? – Not if it comes to gainful employment…..
Spend a few minutes digging though past employment history of MPs MEPs or MSPs and you’ll see how few of them have ever had a ‘real’ job.

At a recent meeting in Nairn a conversation took place between a local Councillor and a business owner from the town. Neither of them could pretend to be quietly spoken and the banter was free flowing and clearly audible.

The business owner was rather dismissive in his perspective of politicians  and governments at large, based on the premise that it doesn’t matter who you vote for , the Government always gets in.

He also goaded our elected representative about chosen political leanings with Douglas Adam’s classic
‘Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job’

In response to his voicing his preferred option of benevolent dictatorship as a governmental model, he looked surprised to be told that, if that was the case, he would like Alec Salmond…

Dictatorship……… benevolent or otherwise…….not sure about that at all 🙂