So here we all are on a airliner, that we’ve managed to build ourselves.

Not perfect I’d admit but it flies reasonably well and lots of other folks from other countries are really quite envious of it .

There is a murmuring towards the rear of the aircraft; a man starts to tell the other passengers that he can see the promised land and they peer down from their windows to see it.

Some think it’s rubbish, some say it’s really there.

There’s a bit of a debate and the believers decide that the thought of this paradise means so much to them that they simply have to get there.

They form a huddle to plan their course of action.

“Okay, settle down.” says the Soothsayer” We have parachutes for you all but they are very special.
You can only see them if you truly believe and they will become visible once we are on the ground”.

and out they jumped.

Invisible parachutes indeed