Food for thought 28 reply & last post

What happened to “All the media is against us? ”

I had just gotten used to the concept that all mainstream media is decidedly shifty and not to be trusted when, all of a sudden, I am asked to believe it again.

Truth is , I never believed most of what I saw in the media before or during the referendum and I’m certainly not going to start believing it now.

We are all subject to manipulation by the creeping fingers of Government, regardless of whether that Government is national , regional or even local who tells the truth?

The answer is no one… but most folks will obviously tend to believe whichever mouthpiece spouts the mantra closest to their own aspirations or beliefs.

The biggest problem that the Yes campaign have at the moment is telling those that chose the opposite path that they were hoodwinked. The fault in the logic is that the greater proportion of those that voted no actually did so as a result of decisions made long before the Father, Son & Holy Ghost flew north and started making promises.

It would be easy to while away these Autumn evenings slinging verbal brickbats at one another but I must take my leave and, as I’m sure a lot of people will be glad to do, get on with plodding through life’s daily drudgery.

Things will change. They may not change the way you want in the shorter term, or indeed the way I would prefer in the longer term but change they will.

They must change organically though, not by threat or accusation.

The core demographic in Scotland that said ‘no’ will not react favourably to being forced in any way other than that which they feel comfortable and no amount of caustic verbage will change that.

Sensible , grown up and inclusive conversation; Understanding, consideration and a sympathetic ear.

These could eventually lead to some future promised land for all involved. I just hope there are enough poeple in the yes camp who understand that the path to the end point is not necessarily the shortest, straightest line.

I respect the energy expended by the pro independence campaigners and trust that there are enough sensible heads to temper those that may be less so.

anns an àm ri teachd

Alex wasn’t the politician in the Salmond family

A letter from the daughter of one of Alex Salmond’s teachers must make for embarrasing reading in the Mel Gibson camp.

“My late father was rector of Linlith­gow Academy.

“He also taught Alex Salmond and other members of the Salmond family. I have heard on occasion that Mr Salmond still refers to my father’s teaching and beliefs regarding education, suggesting he still holds my father in high regard.

“Dad was an honest and fair man who hated bullying and wanted the best for his pupils and his community. He hated any form of segregation or sectarianism.

“Mr Salmond has succeeded in creating divisions across Scotland that were not there before and that will still exist after the referendum, no matter which way the vote goes.

“Stories of intimidation, violence and vandalism are rife. Freedom of speech is under threat. Relationships between neighbours are now threatened if you indicate which way you are voting.

“For these reasons and many others, on behalf of my family I respectfully request that Mr Salmond never mentions my father in public again as, were he alive, he would be appalled at what is happening across our country.

“For the record, Dad always said Alex wasn’t the politician in the Salmond family.

Fiona Scott.”

Independent State of Nairn

free nairn


According to the Mel Gibson cognoscenti , there is much to be gained from severance.

Affording yourself that independence may be a little like cutting both feet and your right arm off, to allow your head  to scream ‘freedom’……… but that’s a minor technicality; nit picking.

If it is such a grand scheme though, why  just have one independent Scotland?

Surely, if its good enough for the whole, it’s good enough for the parts.

You don’t have to be a genius to see the folks in Shetland, Orkney and the Western Isles watching this current pantomime and stroking their chins thinking … ‘ Well we’ve got oil,gas, renewables (delete as applicable)…so why don’t we seek  independence? ‘  After all they would still effectively be governed by another nation until they achived that aim

Why not the Highlands, Nairn, or even Cawdor?  You know this could really take off .

So , should the Yes campaign get their dearest wish, I do hope they enjoy  their governance of the whole of Scotland in the short term as I suspect there won’t be a long term or, more specifically, the long term scenario for the Braveheart massif may consist of  them being left to manage the issues and needs of  large swathes of Glasgow, Linlithgow, isolated enclaves elsewhere  and probably Macduff, thought they may not want Macduff.

Is is too late to suggest you should be very careful what you wish for ?


What does it mean?

Why are they leaders?

Do we find ourselves hypnotised by their enigma or good looks? Hardly
Do their real world experiences equip them better than us ? – Not if it comes to gainful employment…..
Spend a few minutes digging though past employment history of MPs MEPs or MSPs and you’ll see how few of them have ever had a ‘real’ job.

At a recent meeting in Nairn a conversation took place between a local Councillor and a business owner from the town. Neither of them could pretend to be quietly spoken and the banter was free flowing and clearly audible.

The business owner was rather dismissive in his perspective of politicians  and governments at large, based on the premise that it doesn’t matter who you vote for , the Government always gets in.

He also goaded our elected representative about chosen political leanings with Douglas Adam’s classic
‘Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job’

In response to his voicing his preferred option of benevolent dictatorship as a governmental model, he looked surprised to be told that, if that was the case, he would like Alec Salmond…

Dictatorship……… benevolent or otherwise…….not sure about that at all 🙂


So here we all are on a airliner, that we’ve managed to build ourselves.

Not perfect I’d admit but it flies reasonably well and lots of other folks from other countries are really quite envious of it .

There is a murmuring towards the rear of the aircraft; a man starts to tell the other passengers that he can see the promised land and they peer down from their windows to see it.

Some think it’s rubbish, some say it’s really there.

There’s a bit of a debate and the believers decide that the thought of this paradise means so much to them that they simply have to get there.

They form a huddle to plan their course of action.

“Okay, settle down.” says the Soothsayer” We have parachutes for you all but they are very special.
You can only see them if you truly believe and they will become visible once we are on the ground”.

and out they jumped.

Invisible parachutes indeed